Monday - Friday


 1a-6a                  Good Day With Doug Stephan

 6a-9a                  Glenn Beck Show

 9a-12p                The Rich Gilgallon Show

 12p-3p                The Laura Ingraham Show

 3p-6p                  The Mark Levin Show

 6p-9p                  The Dennis Prager Show

 6p-7p                  PSPD Radio Calls (Tuesday)

 9p-1a                  Michael Savage




12a-1a                 Michael Savage

1a-3a                   Talk Radio Countdown

3a-6a                   Good Day With Doug Stephan

6a-10a                 On The House With The Carey Brothers

10a-12p               Ric Edelman Show

12p-3p                 Kim Komando Show

3p-4p                   In The Draft with Wilson

4p-5p                   Kinda Serious with Wilson and Mike

5p-8p                   Handel On The Law

8p-10p                 Car Doctor

10p-12a               Advice Line with Roy Masters



12a-1a                 Advice Line with Roy Masters

1a-5a                   Rusty Humphries Show

5a-6a                   Extreme Sports

6a-6:30a              Community Roundup with Gene Nichols

6:30a-7a              ABC Week in Review

7a-8a                   Men of Messiah

8a-10a                 The Elevated Tee with Matt McKay

10a-10:30a          Elder Answers with Michael McGuire

10:30a-11a          Safe Money Radio Show

11a-1p                 Ric Edelman Show

1p-3p                   Car Doctor

3p-6p                   Money Talk with Bob Brinker

6p-8p                   Ric Edelman Show

8p-10p                 Real Estate Today

10p-12a               Advice Line with Roy Masters


Newstalk 920 KPSI is also the Home of the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Los Angeles Lakers, the NFL Game of the Week and the College Football Game of the Week.