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  • Farewell, Mr. Spock

    For scholars at UC Riverside, as for science fiction fans around the world, the death today of Leonard Nimoy – Mr. Spock of “Star Trek” fame – is a deep loss.

  • How Were Fossil Tracks Made by Early Triassic Swimming Reptiles So Well Preserved?

    UC Riverside paleontologists have now determined that a unique combination of factors in Early Triassic delta systems resulted in the production and unusually widespread preservation of swim tracks made by various tetrapods.

  • Organizational Excellence Series Kicks Off with a Lean Talk

    On Feb. 23, Maria Anguiano, vice chancellor of planning and budget, and Ron T. Coley, vice chancellor of business and administrative services, kicked off the Organizational Excellence series with a talk by Mark McKenzie titled “Lean Process at the University of Washington.” The series, which seeks ways to improve UCR’s campus operations and procedures, consists of four interactive presentations exploring different methodologies which include presentations by a guest speaker (about 60 minutes), Q&As (about 30 minutes), and workshops (about 75 minutes).

  • Two Visioning Workshops Held on the Future of UCR’s Physical Campus

    Faculty, staff, students and alumni gathered Tuesday at the HUB for a master planning workshop to brainstorm what is working – and what is not working – about the current physical campus.