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  • UCR, CSUSB Sign Agreement to Co-house Water Resources Collections and Archives

    UCR and Cal State San Bernardino will co-house and share a valuable collection of water related-documents and materials known as the Water Resources Collections and Archives.

  • Poetry, Tacos, Fiesta!

    UCR will celebrate “The Most Incredible & Biggest Poem on Unity in the World” and Juan Felipe Herrera’s successful term as California Poet Laureates during the California Unity Poem Fiesta on Oct. 9

  • New Education School Dean Starts

    Thomas Smith has started his tenure as dean of the University of California, Riverside’s Graduate School of Education.

  • California Voters Support Affirmative Action

    In a state where no racial or ethnic group is in the majority, California voters in all racial groups support affirmative action, according to a report released today by the National Asian American Survey.