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  • The Study Abroad Diaries, Part 2

    Our student assistant Bethanie Le is part of a study abroad program in London this summer, and she’s blogging from across the Atlantic! Each week, she’ll post about her observations about the United Kingdom, talk about her course, “At the Crossroads of Gender and Communication,” and send us photos of Scotty Highlander acting all touristy.

  • Mission to Early Earth

    Six graduate students from UC Riverside’s Department of Earth Sciences were among more than 700 researchers reporting on NASA’s ongoing exploration of life in the universe at the biennial Astrobiology Science Conference held at the Chicago Hilton in June. Bound by the theme “Habitability, Habitable Worlds, and Life,” the weeklong, international gathering, known as AbSciCon 2015 for short, featured topics ranging from microbiology and spectroscopy to biogeochemistry and atmospheric modeling, which are the expertise of the UCR students who attended.

  • Public Policy Scholar Honored by National Philanthropic Organization

    Public policy and political science professor Karthick Ramakrishnan has been named one of 25 Leaders in Action by Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy.

  • UC Riverside Ant Expert at Ant-Man Premiere

    A UC Riverside graduate student was standing among Hollywood stars Monday, June 29 at the red carpet premiere of Marvel's Ant-Man at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. Kevin Welzel, invited by Walt Disney Studios, stood alongside a giant formicarium – or ant house – to answer questions red carpet attendees had about ants.